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Science Olympiad Team Captures Second in State Tournament
On March 29th, our Olympiad Team competed in the state Science Olympiad tournament at University of Maine in Orono.   Competition was especially keen this year. Sixteen teams representing 12 Maine high schools competed for the state title and the opportunity to represent the state at the National Science Olympiad later this year.  While Waterville scored the best it has ever performed; however, it was only good enough for a healthy second place showing.  Lowest score wins (23 is a perfect score); Waterville finished with an overall score of 81 with Waynefleet scoring a 70.  

SciOly 2014Team coach Jon Ramgren, "I am very proud of the team's efforts and how they conducted themselves throughout the competition.  Thank you to all of you who work so hard to prepare our students for success."  

Waterville took gold medals (first) in a total of 7 or the 23 events: Boom-a-lever (engineering event), Disease Detective (public health event), Dynamic Planet (glaciers studies event), Material Science (science and properties of matter event), MagLev (engineering event), Water Quality, Write-it-Do-it (communications and engineering event).  We placed second in three more with silver medals, and rounded it out with three third place bronze medals for a total of thirteen event medals.  Of special note, retiring senior Joseph Bellavia leaves the team with 3 first and a 2nd place medals for this year...which gives him a medal in EVERY EVENT he has competed in during his 3 year career at Watverille High.

We are especially proud of our Science Olympiad Team for their unprecedented run of victories and top three showings.  Since the teams inception 24 years ago, Waterville has placed first sixteen times (fifteen of those in a row) and second four times for a total of 20 medal years--a remarkable record.  Please congratulate all the great science competitors on the 2013 Waterville Science Olympiad Team:

Seniors: Joseph Bellavia, Simone Livshits, Olivia Lopes, Jena Nawfel, Adrian Rivas, Todd Serbent, Luke Violette; Juniors: Emmett deMaynadier, Micheala DeVogt, Liam Edwards, Langdon Holly, Louisa Nyhus, Anna Ramgren, Jake Rogers; Sophomores: Sophie Boardman, and Cody Veilleux

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